Innovative Learning Spaces

Digital Square at TCEA
I first started thinking about how furnishings within the classroom could impact instruction over a year ago at the Texas Computer Education Association conference in Austin. They set up a learning space for presentations in one corner on the lower level and called the "Digital Square". This space has tables, lounge chairs, stools, soft benches, individual desks, stand up tables and floor-type seating. I love this space because I can pick what type of seating fits my learning style and it starts me thinking about choice in the classroom.
In preparation for the construction of a new building on our campus, we are piloting the Node desks at St. Gabriel's Catholic School. This was made possible by Rockford Business Interiors who has a loaner furniture for schools to test out. We have had the Node desks in 2 classrooms for about 5 weeks now and have been gathering a lot of feedback from students and teachers. The Node is only one of many types of furnishing we may consider. I think choice in learning space is an important component of instructional differentiation. Below are links to resources, blog posts, videos and images that I am collecting as a part of my action research on innovative learning spaces.

My Space or Yours?
Innovative Learning Spaces- Resources for Research
2nd Grade Observation Notes
3rd Grade Teacher Observations
Fear Not the Roly Chair
Middle School Math Feedback
Out of the Mouths of Babes- 2nd grade speaks up about Node Desks
Listen up! Middle School students know what they want and are not afraid to tell us.
Redesigning Learning Spaces- workshop

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